Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mailinator architecture

Paul Tyma (who now works at google) talks about the architecture of Mailinator. I love its simple design.. its fundamentally a stripped down java SMTP server which holds all the emails in memory, so disk IO is not a problem.

He says that 99% of emails received are not read, so he compresses them to reduce the memory footprint; to limit spam an aged hashmap is used based on IP and subjects. He obvious used the KISS approach... nice.

Scoble on Joel

Scoble recently interviewed Joel (from Joel-on-Software) about what its like running a software company.

I can definitely agree with some of the points Joel is making. Once companies get VC money, their can be a tendancy to splurge. The message I hear repeatedly from entrepreneurs that have been successful is about being frugal.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

time for school

Went all day to startup school in Palo Alto. It was a lotta fun meeting up with fellow tech-heads/entrepreneurs.

They had some really good speakers who were both educational (on the most part) and humourous. Heres a nice summary.

On one hand, I'm completely drained (it was a long day) and the other completely motivated to start creating.