Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

Our clients love our products. We GIVE them (for FREE!) a competitive edge in the hard world of ecommerce.

Steve Jobs has shown that innovation is the way to lead the market. Apple has consistently been the company that shows this industry the way to go. ie Vista sounds like an expensive knock-off.

I haven't had my coffee yet.. so please forgive the slight edge in my tone.. but today I've noticed that our competitor has managed to come up with a similar ideas that we have released a long time ago. I was responsibly for one of these pieces so I'm a little irked. Well I guess it will give me more material to blog about. :)

At powerreviews we are constantly thinking of how to make the review service the best if can be. Since we give our product away (our competitor charges a ridiculous amount) our interest is directly related with the interest of our clients. We drive traffic to our merchants site and we give away technology that they can't afford to create.

As our competitor charges a lot of money for review service.. its in their best interest that their clients do not write reviews. They already have the money. Every review costs them money. Their interest are not aligned.

We are in a brave new world.. its called Web2.0 :)

Friday, May 19, 2006


It's quite refreshing working in a startup. There's lots of freedom and initiative is often encouraged.

Case in point, my office buddy decide to do belgium waffles for everyone! No cheating with mix, real ingredients.
We had fruit, chocolate and several syrups. Superb!

I would like to see that at my old investment bank on Wall St. :-)

Nice article about people and their segways.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Tags are a real big thing for web2.0. It's a simple/clear way of seeing what people think of a product. Its one of main features here at powerreviews.com and our customers love it and see the benefit of it.

We've just created a press release about our TagSuggests (among other cool things). This is autocomplete (google-suggest functionality) for tag completion which yours truly battled with javascript/ajax.

Hopefully our fans will like it as much as I do.

New retail store on 5th.

I've been using my 12'' powerbook for the startup I've joined. It's such a pleasure to get off windows. :)

Here is an example why I like the mac. I recently wrote a little bash script that determined what files had been modified from our source code repository (by me), zipped them up , dated the file and scp'd it to my unix home directory on our development servers.

I've been thinking of even keeping a log of the work I do (daily) and including this on the zip.. Hmm.. maybe I can create a little shareware app. :-)

Every day this thing gets kicked off and I have my daily changes (remotely stored) just in case something bad happens.

I contemplated doing something like this for my fellow windows collegues, but what am I going to use? VB? or do I have to get them to instal perl on their boxes? No thankyou.

Theres talk about buying tools that keep 2 directory structures in sync, but it wouldn't maintain history, which is useful.

Anyhoo.. I've been doing a lot of the web development technologies (ajax/css) as well as backend java. Off the top of my head, tools that I have found invaluable (and which I've registered) are CCSEdit, Xyle, GraphicConverter and TextMate.

We use Intellij to do our java development, which although is a very good IDE takes a lot of resources and my 12'' is pushing it.

Apple's release of the reasonably priced MacBook has sparked an interest. It's something that will definately make my work day a lot smoother.

Apple is opening a new retail store in New York on my street! Well when I lived on the east coast a year ago.

It reminds me of that scifi film: Cube2-Hypercube. :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

The monster awakens

Just read in techcrunch that yahoo has launched Yahoo-Tech.

There going after CNET, but also offering product reviews which is in our playground. Hmm..