Sunday, February 19, 2006

It doesn't offend me

Not sure why I find this interesting, but someone has put up pictures of what the've eaten at google. Looks yummy.
Interesting article about praise at google.

The Google Praise Scale:

  • Unequaled Brilliance
  • It’s kind of interesting
  • It seems sensible / reasonable
  • It will do until we can fix it
  • It doesn’t offend me
  • It’s not worth talking about
  • It’s a waste of time
  • Unacceptable Dreck
I generally don't get too excited about things (maybe its a British thing) and if asked for feedback will often say "Not bad". For people that don't really know me, this could be construed as a negative statement, but its really a compliment!.

I think in future, I may adopt the term used in the above article.. "It doesn't offend me" :P

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