Thursday, May 18, 2006

New retail store on 5th.

I've been using my 12'' powerbook for the startup I've joined. It's such a pleasure to get off windows. :)

Here is an example why I like the mac. I recently wrote a little bash script that determined what files had been modified from our source code repository (by me), zipped them up , dated the file and scp'd it to my unix home directory on our development servers.

I've been thinking of even keeping a log of the work I do (daily) and including this on the zip.. Hmm.. maybe I can create a little shareware app. :-)

Every day this thing gets kicked off and I have my daily changes (remotely stored) just in case something bad happens.

I contemplated doing something like this for my fellow windows collegues, but what am I going to use? VB? or do I have to get them to instal perl on their boxes? No thankyou.

Theres talk about buying tools that keep 2 directory structures in sync, but it wouldn't maintain history, which is useful.

Anyhoo.. I've been doing a lot of the web development technologies (ajax/css) as well as backend java. Off the top of my head, tools that I have found invaluable (and which I've registered) are CCSEdit, Xyle, GraphicConverter and TextMate.

We use Intellij to do our java development, which although is a very good IDE takes a lot of resources and my 12'' is pushing it.

Apple's release of the reasonably priced MacBook has sparked an interest. It's something that will definately make my work day a lot smoother.

Apple is opening a new retail store in New York on my street! Well when I lived on the east coast a year ago.

It reminds me of that scifi film: Cube2-Hypercube. :)

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