Monday, April 09, 2007


Michael Arrington from Techcrunch (a great blog of whats HOT in the valley that a LOT of people read here) decided to take a look at what we do and they really liked what we offer.

I still work for Powerreviews, but we have a just released a reviews-shopping portal site called.. drum-roll.. Buzzillions !

Techcrunch says:
"PowerReviews is willing to give away their software to merchants, but in return PowerReviews have the right to aggregate that review data and present it on their own consumer facing review site, Buzzillions.

Here’s the brilliance of the PowerReviews model. They then turn around and sell traffic from Buzzillions right back to their merchant network, on a CPC or CPA basis. I don’t believe I’ve come across a startup before now that manages to use data, created at a partner site, to generate traffic that they then sell right back to the partner."

This is ultimately what we do (and for free) and our merchants LOVE us because of this. We provide review content on their site and they WANT us to be successfull on Buzzillions as we drive good-quality traffic towards them.

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