Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Motivation for startups

Quite a few of my mates have been talking about trying to start something. I've offered my services.. but I'm fairly sure nothing will come of it.

I think a lot of people love the idea of doing their own thing, being their own boss, taking over the world. The reality is that it's a LOT of hard work and there's an 85% rate of failure.

Me? I'm working for my second startup. (I'm not the founder of either of them). I fully intend to start something, but just can't find any ideas to do.

They say that you should fix something that you find broken. Others would probably have the same problem and you start getting users.

The truth is, I don't I have any problems or irratations. I'm fairly resourceful and if I need to do something, I can usually find some app on the net.

I'm fed up talking to people who want to create another niche social network targeted at people who have turtles as pets (for example). The idea is stale.

The other train of thought which I'm starting to subscribe to, is that you should just build something and target an area with some coverage. The idea is that it will morph into something useful. Well.. I can only hope.. ;-)

Anyway.. what more motivation do you need to go do something?

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