Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Power of the Dollar

I was reading an interesting article called Why People Hate Capitalism, which I passionately agree with.

People complain about US jobs going abroad, but still stock up on Wal-mart where most things comes from overseas. They get the most cheapest goods they can get and then complain about american jobs and how everything seems to break in a matter of weeks/months. There is an endless cycle of consumption that on occasion, sickens me.

You might suggest people don't have a choice.. That's rubbish. People always have a choice. They still have the money for expensive phones with expensive plans, huge LCDs watching premium movie channels, SUVs and go out to fancy restaurants potentially employing illegal workers.

Repeat after me, I HAVE A CHOICE. Now what are you going to do about it?

Heres a list of things I've actively tried to change by using my spending power.
  • Use the public transportation. Cars are too big and inefficient in the US (compared to Europe where I've from). Concerned about terrorism in the middle east? What's more patriotic by limiting the amount of fuel you consume and limiting the dollars going into questionable regimes

  • I don't (or try not to) buy anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup. There's been lots of press on how truly bad this stuff is and it's in a LOT of commodity goods sold in the US. Do yourself a favour and read up on it.

  • I've discovered New-Balance trainers, which they make in the US. I used to be a Nike guy, but I've got sick of all the bad press of alledgly 9 years olds, working for a next to nothing and Nike selling them for $100 a pop.

  • Organics food. I'm trying to use as much as possible, although its a little more expensive. The amount of chemicals that get sprayed on your food produce is incredible.

  • Meat. I've a vegetarian, but a cow is not supposed to be the size of a Hummer. Only here they are that big. Think about why.. It can't be good.

Anyway.. hopefully something to think about..

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