Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stop watching Lost and start doing stuff!

Great video from Gary Vaynerchuck from Wine Library speaking at Web 2.0 Expo.

I can really relate to a lot of things he talks about. I'm thinking about where I am now and what the future holds.

  • A lot of people are doing stuff they hate. There's no reason to do that anymore.

  • Listen to your users, care about them. Do stuff to help them don't just listen and brush it off.

  • Stop crying and keep hustling. Were building business here.. have a business model.. make some cash along the way.

  • Be happy.. do stuff you love. Believe in what your doing.. or get out NOW.

  • Build your personal brand / brand equity.

  • The game is changing.. the people that used to control content (newspapers, tv networks) no longer do.

  • Work 9-5pm, spend some time with your family, 7pm-2pm is when you can work. Stop watching Lost!

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