Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Just came back from the NYJavaSig meet with Jim Waldo (used to be the lead architect for the Jini technology) as the guest speaker. The subject was "An Architecture for Service-Oriented Architectures" and it was both thoroughly entertaining and enlightening to learn about Jini. He also used a powerbook to do the presentation. :)

He mentioned that in order to get Java in devices a lot of the classes were axed. Most significantly from Jini's perspective, was the culling of the classloader (Jini is big in streaming objects between services) which kinda stops Jini dead in that aspect.

I couldn't help thinking that, wasn't this the whole point of Jini? For small devices? ie You enter into your office and your pda becomes aware of the printer and the mail repository.

Didn't Sun say "The Network is the Computer"?

It has been my plan to try and look more into J2ME (I want ALL my devices to talk to one another! Think Borg collective), but the last time I checked it was still lacking in features. I have no idea of the current state of that world is.

Also, an interesting article on about fslogger a subscriber to file system events (for macosx tiger). This is how spotlight is aware of changes to the FileSystem and how the Finder finally updates to files created in the Terminal.

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