Monday, November 03, 2008

The Furnace of Argument

I was reading Tom Preston-Werner blog about how to meet your next cofounder.

I loved one of his lines: "Truly good decisions are forged from the furnace of argument, not plucked like daisies from the pasture of a peaceful mind."

It's soo very much the way I think. I don't know if its just me (or a California thing), but I've come to notice more and more people not engaging. Treating people with kid gloves, is annoying as hell. It wastes soo much time and a form of politics.

Maybe its a cultural thing.. Coming from the finance industry in London/Chicago/NewYork, people don't pull punches. It was honest.

Maybe I'm just an aggressive annoying sod. (If I am, please tell me). I like to believe that I think Outside-the-Bun (I love that 2002 taco bell commercial).

If I'm told its not the way we do things, I'll try it anyway and flow against the stream.

It's served me well so far.. it generally produces non-conventional approaches.

Why don't you try it? It's also makes your dull day a lot more interesting. :)

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