Monday, June 06, 2005

Joining the Empire

Phew! Just read the writeup on the WWDC2005 keynote address by Steve Jobs. Looks like all those rumours that Apple were moving to Intel are true!

I'm a little gob-smacked to be honest. Apple has always preached that Microsoft-Intel are the bad guys and Apple-Motorolla-IBM are the good guys.

Motorola failed Apple by not innovating the PowerPC (and instead moving pretty much to mobile phones). IBM promised a lot and failed to deliver. (remember 3GHZ last year?).

I don't think the MacOSX will run on your cheapo Dell though. Apple's tight integration of hardware and software has made MacOSX and Apple what it is today. Easier to operate and maintain than Windows.

I fully expect Apple to maintain this tight grip. Being its main revenue stream, it will have to.

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