Saturday, June 04, 2005


I went to see the hugely popular Avenue-Q on Broadway this afternoon. Its fairly reasonable. Kinda Sesame St with adult themes.

I have to say that I'm not really a fan of broadway.. its just too much music and dancing for me. During the performance the audience would burst out laughing and I couldn't quite understand why. People would look at each other with a glazed expression of 'Isn't this fantastic? I can't believe how funny this is!'

It was relatively amusing.. (I smiled on the inside, and maybe an occasionaly smirk came out) but was it THAT funny? That funny that people are howling??

As I looked around, nearly everyone looked the same. ie about 20+ years older than me and since this was an afternoon show I would speculate tourists.

Were people laughing so much that they found this sooo funny? Were they laughing because maybe the've not been exposed to puppets having sex on stage from their home town Smallville? Maybe their laughing because the've just dropped $100 per ticket and since everyone else is lauging they might as well too.

I dunno. This is all deja vu for me, as I remember experiencing the same during Wicked.

But... its probably me. I've from the other side of the pond and we tend to have more of a drier sense of humour. Me probably more than most.

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